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Sky TV Highlights

- Europe's biggest pay-TV provider
- Over 400 all English channels
- Over 50 HD channels
- Europe's No. 1 sports and US sports coverage
- 1000 movies a month
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Download Center

Here you will find useful downloads for your SKY viewing:

User manuals

SKY+ HD Box 250 GB personal storage
Download Manual (PDF - 9,5MB)

SKY+ HD Box 1 TB / 2 TB personal storage
Download Manual (PDF - 9,2MB)

SKY standard digibox
Download Manual (PDF - 14,7MB)


UK TV Guide Widget for your PC/Apple

Find out what?s on TV quickly and easily.

  • Obtain full listing information for most UK channels.
  • Click a programme name to get a full description including genre, running time, and review.
  • Download listings only once a week, allowing the widget to be used even without a constant Internet connection.
  • See what?s on Now & Next on all channels.
  • Live highlighting of the currently displayed programme.
  • Full seven-day listings ? why just see what?s on at the moment, when you can plan your week of viewing straight from the Dashboard?

Download PC version:

Download MAC version:



Find out the sky remote code for your TV

Here you can download the full list of remote codes for your sky remote control.
Download Sky Remote TV Codes

Sky UK  releases an improved Sky remote control every couple of years. Each new version is compatible with a wider variety of TV sets. It doesn't matter whether your remote is for a standard Sky box, a Sky+ box or a Sky+HD box, but to find the code that matches your TV set, you need to find which Sky remote version you have:

  1. Open the battery cover on the back of your Remote Control. The battery cover on some Sky+ remotes extends around the bottom.
  2. Hold the top part of the remote control firmly in one hand and use the other hand to push the catch and pull the battery cover off the body of the remote control.
  3. Look for a sticker on the battery cover or in the battery compartment, that includes the text 'Sky rev' or 'Sky+ rev' or 'Sky HD rev followed by a number. This number indicates the version of your Sky remote.
  4. If you're unable to remove the battery cover or cannot find a sticker and received your remote control after 2002, please refer to the following list which lists the approximate release dates for each version:

    • Version 4: May 2001 (Sky+ introduced)
    • Version 6: March 2004
    • Version 8: January 2006 (includes all current Sky+HD remote controls)

Sky+HD Box

Sky HD will be a colour revolution

Sky HD will bring you a whole new world of High Definition programmes

High Definition TV will be the biggest revolution in TV for years. Sky HD will bring you a cinema-like experience in your own home. Once you've experienced it, you'll never want to go back.

499 €

SkyNow.tv marine

SkyNow.tv solutions for your Yacht

SkyNow in Europe provides you with the most reliable source of Satellite Television for your Yacht.

skyNOW on Yachts

Our fast reliable service insures that we meet with any of our clients demands

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