Over 400 channels, 50 in HD, many Discovery Channels, National Geographic, Disney, Europe's most complete sports package, 1000 movies a month - here you can learn all about it.

Sky TV Highlights

- Europe's biggest pay-TV provider
- Over 400 all English channels
- Over 50 HD channels
- Europe's No. 1 sports and US sports coverage
- 1000 movies a month
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Formula One

The Final Countdown

live and exclusive on Sky Sports

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Sky 3D is here

The next revolution in TV is here.

Sky 3D, Europe's first 3D channel, has launched. Using the latest technology to create an incredible 3D experience, Sky 3D will bring some of the best sports, movies and entertainment in amazing 3D, right to the heart of your living room. The best news is, for our Sky World HD customers with a 3D TV, incredible 3D programming is available to you at no extra cost.


Ultimate 3D TV experience

To enjoy Sky 3D TV, you'll need a 3D ready TV and 3D glasses. LG, Panasonic, Sony and Samsung have all launched 3D TVs this year and are all compatible with Sky 3D.

As well as a 3D ready TV, you need a Sky+HD box and Sky World with the HD Pack. If you don't have a Sky+HD box, you can get one from us and also upgrade to the HD Pack. Just send us an Email or use our online contact form.

With your 3D ready TV and Sky+HD box, you'll be ready to enjoy the very best home 3D TV experience from Sky 3D, Europe's first residential 3D channel.

Sky 3D Promo Trailer

Filming in 3D

3D has added a whole new dimension to TV and it starts
from the way it's filmed.

Camera positions have been updated with more low level shots and new angles designed to show depth and perspective.

3D filming starts with recording content the way that our eyes see it ? from two different perspectives. Two HD cameras are used to take aligned left and right images of the chosen scene so what you see at home is exactly what the cameraman sees.

Taking images to a new level

3D requires more production staff than traditional HD shoots.

A stereographer works closely with the director, and each camera has a convergence operator as well as a cameraman.

"Dance performances lend themselves quite spectacularly to 3D. The scale
and enormity of some of these pieces come to life in a way that's never been
done before on UK screens", says John Cassy, Director of Sky Arts and Head
of Sky 3D content strategy.

Sky+HD Box

Sky HD will be a colour revolution

Sky HD will bring you a whole new world of High Definition programmes

High Definition TV will be the biggest revolution in TV for years. Sky HD will bring you a cinema-like experience in your own home. Once you've experienced it, you'll never want to go back.

499 €

Live 3D Sports

Be drawn in to major sports events, from the Barclays Premier League to International Rugby Union, like never before with Sky 3D.

The depth of field and perspective are phenomenal - you'll feel like you're rubbing shoulders with the players.

Movies in 3D

Experience movies in a new dimension as we bring you fantastic 3D movies across a range of genres, from family favourites like Monsters Vs Aliens, to heart stopping terror with My Bloody Valentine.

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Credit Cards

American Express/Diners Card and some other international credit cards are not accepted.
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