Over 400 channels, 50 in HD, many Discovery Channels, National Geographic, Disney, Europe's most complete sports package, 1000 movies a month - here you can learn all about it.

Sky TV Highlights

- Europe's biggest pay-TV provider
- Over 400 all English channels
- Over 50 HD channels
- Europe's No. 1 sports and US sports coverage
- 1000 movies a month
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Premier League

Sky Sports - Football

live and exclusive on Sky Sports

High Definition Channels

Sky+HD gives you the magic of Sky+ and the TV you love in high definition. Pause, rewind and record the widest range of programming in glorious HD. Watch the World Cup in HD on BBC HD and ITV1 HD with your Sky+HD box, and access up to 50 HD channels in total.

For the ultimate in entertainment, order a Sky+HD box with the HD Pack and access the UK's widest range of HD channels, with up to 5x sharper picture detail and superb quality digital sound. Get started with just only £ 10,25 per month.

Your Sky+HD box gives you all the flexibility of Sky+ with more storage than ever before. Enjoy the latest Sky Guide and watch hand-picked HD programmes with Sky Anytime.





Lifestyle & Culture





Sky+HD Box

Sky HD will be a colour revolution

Sky HD will bring you a whole new world of High Definition programmes

High Definition TV will be the biggest revolution in TV for years. Sky HD will bring you a cinema-like experience in your own home. Once you've experienced it, you'll never want to go back.

499 €

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Please note Sky only accept Mastercard/Visa debit and credit cards at this time.

Credit Cards

American Express/Diners Card and some other international credit cards are not accepted.
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