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Longing for fully serviced subscriptions to Sky digital? is here! We offer the best customer service in the industry. All inquiries are replied to and worked on the same day. All orders placed with us are shipped the same day. You will receive fast and reliable attention to your needs throughout your entire subscription period. stands for quality, reliability and fair customer service.

Sky Digital is satellite television unlike anything you have ever seen. over 7 million subscribers already enjoy:

* Excellent picture quality and Dolby Digital 5.1* sound
* interactive TV channels
* over 300 channels all in English
* Europe's best sports and US sports coverage
* news and documentaries (with 11 Discovery Channels and National Geographic)
* latest series and cultural events
* a range of additional channels catering to viewers from Pakistan, India or Arabian countries available
* Europe’s largest selection of HD channels – over 30 channels in HD now available with SkyHD

*requires sky plus or skyHD and audio equipment supporting Dolby Digital 5.1 All you need is a satellite dish heading for ASTRA 2 on 28.2° and a credit card. Why not sign up today?

To subscribe you will need a credit card (Mastercard, Eurocard or Visa), a satellite system that has to be pointed to ASTRA 28.2° and a skybox with an active Viewing Card that can be ordered through us.
Regarding the dish you would need to contact a local satellite technician to do the installation. We only supply the sky equipment and the service behind that.

Skly Now tv includes:

. our continous mission to be the best in the business
. fast, flexible and friendly action meeting your demands
. 24/7 support via Fax, email, internet, phone* and mail
. traceable and insured shipping via UPS
. always the first to provide new services, channels and technologies
. automatic updates to give you the information needed to get the most out of your sky digital
. caring for each customer individually and always going “the extra mile” to make you happy
. easy credit card payment leaving you in control
. competitive prices at a service level second to none
. to know that you are in good hands and feel attended to
. constant improvement with the high-set aim to be the “Good News Company”
. served, working and existing UK address

Sky tv,Sky viewing card, Sky viewing cards,Sky tv card, Sky tv cards, Sky tv europe

Sky+HD Box

Sky HD Box

This Sky+HD Box brings you a cinema like experience in your own home with sharper, clearer, more vibrant pictures and amazing Dolby Digital 5.1 sound quality on many programmes. With Sky Plus built-in you can record, store, rewind and pause live TV - and that does include HD channels. Our price: Sky HD and Viewing Card for EUR 499.- This offer does include the Sky Viewing Card. Subscription to any of the Sky Packages is paid separately - click on VIEWING PACKAGES for details on subscriptions.

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