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- Europe's biggest pay-TV provider
- Over 400 all English channels
- Over 50 HD channels
- Europe's No. 1 sports and US sports coverage
- 1000 movies a month
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England vs Bangladesh

live and exclusive on Sky Sports

Card activation

Please perform the software update before the activation takes place:

  • Switch off your digibox
  • Pull the plug for power supply
  • Find the button BACKUP at the front panel of the digibox, press it and hold it pressed
  • With the button BACKUP still held pressed you put in the power plug
  • Hold BACKUP pressed until you see all lights at the front panel of the digibox flash for about 2 sec (Important: This might take 10 secs to happen)
  • Release BACKUP and wait 10 minutes
  • The digibox is now downloading the latest software version and should operate perfectly thereafter.
Please submit all details requested to get your Viewing Card switched on. Activations are done Monday - Friday 9am - 4:30pm and weekends or bank holidays 10am - 4pm . This website is SSL encrypted - your details are safe with us.

If your details were submitted within activation hours quoted above, please allow 24 hours for the activation to take effect. Your digibox (HD, Sky+ or Standard) has to be switched on, tuned to any channel and stay switched on until all channels are activated. You can watch any channel you want and may also switch off the TV, but the box has to be on until all channels requested are working.

Optional channels please request by email. They will not be activated right away.

How to get the details of your SKY+ HD Box: Press SERVICES, go right to highlight SETTINGS, go down - now highlighting PICTURE, go right until you highlight DETAILS. Please provide the required information below

How to get the details of your digibox: on your sky remote press SERVICES, then press 4, then press 5. You now enter the SYSTEM DETAILS screen and can read the details off screen.

Customers activating their replacement Viewing Card must have the new Viewing Card in the box at all times.

viewing card information
Model Number:
Version Number:
Serial Number:
Viewing Card Number:
Credit Card Number:
Card expires at:
Secure Code:
The box to activate is a HD box. I request that you activate the HD channels. I am aware that this is a 12 month subscription and sky is charging £ 10.25 per month on top.
Please state your on screen messages:
IMPORTANT:It is vital that you provide the message you really see on screen, if any. If you provide incorrect information this WILL result in a failing activation and may cause technical problems.

Please tune in to the following channels an let us know the error message you see on screen (write NO MESSAGE if you see the running programme):

105 - message:
106 - message:
301 - message:
401 - message:
Support About the Error Messages:Please click here to find out more about this error message. You will be able to solve your issue on your own.

viewing package
please confirm
I confirm that my digibox is switched on to any channel and will stay switched on until all channels are coming in and the Viewing Card is activated

Sky+HD Box

Sky HD will be a colour revolution

Sky HD will bring you a whole new world of High Definition programmes

High Definition TV will be the biggest revolution in TV for years. Sky HD will bring you a cinema-like experience in your own home. Once you've experienced it, you'll never want to go back.

499 €

Payment methods

You can pay with...

Please note Sky only accept Mastercard/Visa debit and credit cards at this time.

Credit Cards

American Express/Diners Card and some other international credit cards are not accepted.
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